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Deer Processing
Deer - Small $100
Deer - Medium $125
Deer - Large $150
Deer - Extra Large $175
All prices are for regular cut
Prices include caping or skinning
Fresh Sausage
$3.50 lb, 10 lb minimum

Fresh Homemade Deer Sausage, Italian, Brats, Cajun and Breakfast Sausage. 10 lb minimum 

We also make Hot and Mild Summer Sausage Sticks - 3 stick minimum. 3 for $55 hot, 3 for $45 mild
Wild Boar
Small to Medium $150
Large $175
Both include skinned & quartered - basic cut
with 30 pounds of sausage
Skinning for Mounting an additional $50
Buffalo, Elk and Moose
Price subject to size 
Any Wild Game
Bottom line "you shoot it, we cut it"